Technology in Education

By Trelos

Importance of Internet of Things is prominent in Education

The Indian Education Landscape has gone under a huge transformation where Faculties would aspire more of an Educational Facilitator. The K—12 education sector has undergone a revamping in the last decade. Although, Education Technology has made its Penetration in Educational Institutions with actively engaging students in the learning process, thereby, improving learning outcomes and reducing teachers’ repetitive tasks.

“Learning never exhausts the mind.” – Leonardo Da Vinci

The increasing role of technology - How it Helps?​

Online learning - Rapidly Increasing in India

As the culture of e-learning and tech-based work culture spreads in the country, students have already found e-learning as a more efficient way to gain meaningful education where they are able to learn with more accuracy, time, neutral student profiling

24*7 Learning - Across the Globe

This Highly important feature from tech allows students to learn anytime from anywhere ensuring learning is no longer limited the classroom. Students can learn from the comforts of their home. This allows learners to explore their interests more.

Peer learning Methodology

online learning platforms have a dedicated learning community where students can help each other learn. They can put combined efforts on projects, clarify each other’s doubts or discuss problems. This helps them gain a new perspective on topics and learn concepts more efficiently.

Adaptive learning Methodology

A Unique learning solution powered by Technical Education Intelligence, where the learning curve is personalised for each student based on a Series of interactions with Student. It Guides a series of assessments and online/offline student resources.

Faculty’s most Efficient Helping Tool

In the case of Indian Classroom Systems, the Student-Teacher ratio is near 1:40 & in Learning Institutes it reaches 1: 70. With the help of the Learning Management System & Content Management System Faculties are able to track all the students in class effectively & real-time. Effectively these systems are able to faculties to focus more on Doubt Solving.

Ed Tech Features - Students, Teachers & Parents

Through Customized Adaptive Student Testing Platform and Personalized Academic Reports students and their parents can monitor the performance systematically and rigorously. Hence, facilitating Student-Teacher Interactive Engagement. Integration of forums and blogs, Login to Students, Faculty and Management along with Easy and Advanced Search makes navigation of such a website easy and effortless.

Trelos Web Solutions Education and Internet of things

How Trelos is helping in Education Space?

Custom Data-Driven Web Platform Development

TRELOS Education Technology Platform delivers the potential of web & mobile productivity to all educational institutions and enterprises, helping them conserve time and capital while increasing overall productivity accompanied by improved outcomes. Website & Mobile Application for Education is simple to use and easy to administer.

How does it work?

With the help of an Educational Website, Platform & Application, institutions are able to effectively deliver Interactive Quality Education to every student by enabling teachers to upload their courses and share online resources with students who in turn can access them 24*7 and receive an added benefit of being able to engage in Online Examination Practice through Concept and Chapter Wise Test and access test results instantaneously

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