Library Management System

Web Based Automated Library Management

TRELOS Library Management System delivers the potential of website based technology features to overall productivity, helping them conserve time and capital while increasing overall productivity accompanied by improved outcomes. Website based Application for Libraries is simple to use and easy to administer.

Demo ID :

Password: admin987328

How Does it Work?

With the help of an Library Management System, Libraries are able to effectively deliver Interactive Quality Engagement to every student by Integrating Online Seat Tracking to allow 24*7 Overview Automated Seat Allocation Linked with New Students Registration Process connected with the Online Payment Gateways or Cash Mode of Payments with students who in turn can access their Seat Information Online  and receive an added benefit of being able to engage in Specialised Online Courses Integration.

Through Library Management System and Real Time Reporting of  students can be monitored with their Schedule & Payments systematically. Hence, facilitating Student-Library Interactive Engagement. Integration of forums and blogs, Login to Students, Operator and Management along with Easy and Advanced Search makes navigation of such a website easy and effortless.



System Features

Automated Seat & Session Allocation System

Student Registration Form
Student Login Portal
Admin Login Portal
Personalised Student Dashboard
Custom Admin Dashboard

Online Personalised Student & Admin Dashboard

Real-time Session Monitoring
Fee Collection System
Easy Session Extension

Online Payments, SMS, Email, Reports integration

Subscription Selector
Real-time Report Generation
Instant Student Updates
Library Information Tracking System


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